Hey Mom, We’re on the TV!

Hey Mom, We’re on the TV!

Take a look at the television spots now running for Unitards – in theaters January 27. Click the YouTube icon on each video for a larger view.

A “Spandexcellent” High School Comedy!

Lewis Grady just won the student-body elections at Skyline High School and Vice Principal Spooner has big plans for the goof-off high school senior.

Charged with the difficult challenge of bringing school spirit back to Skyline, Lewis teams up with his two odd-ball friends to change the school forever. And they have the perfect way to do it: a guys-only dance team called the Unitards.

As Lewis and his friends scrounge up the perfect group of misfits to join the revolution, Ms. Zarolla, coach of the school’s award-winning all-girl drill team, vows to bring the Unitards to an end before they embarrass her and ruin the school’s reputation. As she makes plans to hijack the newly formed dance team, the Unitards make their own plans to take over the school once and for all.